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OSHC Sessions

We offer families the following sessions:

PLEASE NOTE: Care may also be provided on days where Blackfriars is due to finish early or has a pupil-free day. Care is not provided on public holidays.

A late collection fee of $20 plus $1 per minute per child is charged if collecting your child/children after 6pm.


Before School Care Sessions
After School Care and Early Finish Sessions
Vacation Care and School Closure Day Sessions

Bookings and Cancellations

Parents/guardians must complete a ‘Booking Sheet’ at the start of each term to confirm that their booking is still required. Casual bookings for OSHC can be made by contacting the OSHC Director either by phone or email.

When a booking for Before School Care is no longer required, cancellation must be made by 4pm the day before or the session fee will be charged.

When a booking for After School Care or Partial Closure Days is no longer required, notification must be made in writing (either by text or email) by noon on the day before care is required or the session fee will be charged. This includes cancellation due to illness.

Vacation Care bookings require a 50% booking fee. In case of cancellation, the full fee will be charged.

Fees and Account Payments

All parents/guardians must sign the Fees Payment Agreement form. Accounts are sent out weekly. Details of an individual’s account will be confidential and stored appropriately. Individual families may access their own records at any time. Particulars of fees will be made available in writing upon request.

Casual bookings will be charged on the day.

Non payment of fees will result in the cancellation of your child/ren’s enrolment in OSHC, until the account is paid in full.

Once an enrolment form been received, parents/guardians will receive an activation email from XAP. Parents/guardians must complete the online account activation and the payment agreement must be completed for bookings to be accepted.

The Child Care Subsidy

The Child Care Subsidy enables the OSHC Service to offer reduced fees to families. Families must have a MyGov account.

Please contact Centrelink for more information.